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The chapters listed here provide extra information and activities to give your work more depth and breadth...

Clarify what to learn from research

Focus your research goals so the evidence you gather can progress your work as far and fast as possible.

Build a roadmap

Plan and explain how you will deliver your policy or service.

Make or take value

Check whether your policy or service is adding value by making something new or taking value from something that already exists.

Choose a project management style

Decide on a project management style based on how much you know about the problem and people’s response to your solution.

Choose the roles you need

Build your team around the skills you need to produce your policy or service.

Check people have the right conditions

Check if people in the system have the right conditions to be effective.

Make the team work well

Give your team a good place to work and culture will help them do their best.

Estimate the cost

Estimate the cost of delivering your policy or service.

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